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“Misplaced” Casting Call for 2 Last Roles

“Misplaced” Casting Call for 2 Last Roles

Short film to be shot on RED camera looking to cast 2 more roles

We are a film production company based out of Farmington Hills and were shooting a short film entitled “Misplaced”.

We are still looking to cast 2 roles.

* Rose: Age 18-28, Attractive Female. Plays the wife of the lead character “David Wilson”. She goes missing and David is on a thorough search to find her. 2 Scenes.
* Detective Tom Ryan: Age 25-45, Male. Must look the part of a detective/cop like figure. Has 1 scene with the lead Detective “Martin Rosso”.

We will be shooting on the RED camera. This is a great opportunity to get some high quality clips for your work.

Please email Headshot and Resume to

Shoot dates:
February 3rd & 4th, 2010
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Non-Union film: CHEDDA BOYS Producer: ML Davis

Production: Filmirage Filmworks/Kwende Films Director: Darren Brown

Exec. Producer: Kwende Reid Dir. of Photography: Jeffrey T Brown

Shooting in Detroit, MI

Feb 2010

Lo-no pay: Meals, copy and credit

Casting Dir. ML Davis

“Chedda Boys” Detroit Movie Casting Call

Casting Local Detroit Actors!

Non-Union film: CHEDDA BOYS
Producer: ML Davis
Production: Filmirage Filmworks/Kwende Films
Director: Darren Brown
Exec. Producer: Kwende Reid
Dir. of Photography: Jeffrey T Brown

Shooting in Detroit, MI
Feb 2010

Low pay $20-100, meals, copy and credit

Casting Dir. ML Davis
The “Chedda Boys” Story

Life of a hustler that goes from High school football star to the mean streets of Detroit.

Character Roles:

* RONNIE: BLACK Male, 30’s Flamboyant, flashy dresser, loud talking Drug Dealer. Chedda Boy’s big cousin. who gets him started in the game. (LEAD)

* GRANDMA: BLACK Female, 65-75 Caring and loving grandma to Chedda boy and Ronnie. They still live with her as they do dirt. (FEATURED)

* AUTUMN: BLACK Female, Mid to Late 20’s, Beautiful, sexy, smart, feisty Chedda Boy’s on and off girlfriend since high school. She wants him out the life. (LEAD) {Semi-nudity}

* JAMES: BLACK Male, Late20’s-early 30’s, Cocky, double crosser, snitch, Ex-boyfriend of Autumn and owner of Jimmy’s Bar (CO-LEAD)

* ALI: MIDDLE EASTERN Male, Early to mid 40’s, Arab store owner who is also into the underworld business (CO-LEAD)

* COACH MOORE: Male, 50’s, Chedda Boy’s former high school Football coach (FEATURED)

* JASON: BLACK Male, Mid 20’s, square looking hustler. Part of Ronnie’s crew (FEATURED)

* THURMAN: BLACK Male, Mid 20’s , the jokester in Ronnie’s crew (FEATURED)

* FRANK WHITE: BLACK Male, Mid to late 20’s, Straight Gangsta. Part of Ronnie’s crew who loves to fight. Quick to shoot or kill (FEATURED)

* BILL: BLACK Male, Mid 20’s, Flamboyant dresser and loud mouth, just like Ronnie. He’s the right hand man (FEATURED)

* MARLA: Female, Mid to late 20’s, Beautiful young lady who doesn’t mind fight for her man (FEATURED)

* RHONDA: BLACK Female, Late 40’s to early 50’s. Regular lady, Autumn’s weed smoking Mom who just got laid off from GM plant. She dates men close to her daughters age (FEATURED)

* BAM: BLACK Male. 30ish, Arrogant, full of himself, Slick looking and talking guy with no business of his own. Short cut artist Feeds off of other people’s work and hustle. Rhonda’s boyfriend (FEATURED)

* UNCLE P: BLACK Male, 50’s. A veteran of the street hustle. He sells drugs, stolen cars, whatever will make him some money (FEATURED)

* JUAN: MEXICAN Male, Early to mid 30’s a West coast boss. Arizona drug dealer who meets Chedda Boy and Uncle P in Chicago (FEATURED)

* FRANK JOHNSON: BLACK, Male, Mid to late 40’s. A truck driver for Ronnie who remembers Chedda Boy from his youth. He doesn’t like how he gets paid from Ronnie (FEATURED)

* GAIL: BLACK Female, 30’s Ronnie’s girlfriend. {must be a good screamer} (FEATURED)

Prisoners, visitors, prison guards, prison admin., FBI agents, police, young Arabs, large Mexicans, college students, business men, strippers, young hustlers

Email photos and resumes ASAP to: Put the role you’d like to audition for in the heading. Casting will start end of this week. (Jan. 22, 10) If you don’t have a professional photo and resume, but you have skills, send a snapshot. Someone will call you for audition

Seeking Native French and German Men and Women – Simon Casting

Subject: Seeking native french and german men and women

Seeking native French men 65-75
Seeking native French woman – 30-40 and 59-65

Seeking native German man 60-75
Seeking native German woman 60-70 and 30-40

This is for a print ad. Pays $1500. Shoots March 8-12 with auditions on January 28th.

Call 312-202-0124 for an audition. Ask for Claire or Amy

Detroit Repertory Theatre AUDITION NOTICE TWO POINT OH by Jeffrey Jackson

Detroit Repertory Theatre
Play: TWO POINT OH by Jeffrey Jackson
Opens April 1, 2010 – Closes May 23, 2010
Director: Harry Wetzel
Audition Dates: Monday, January 25, 2010
Equity Call: 7:00 PM
Non-Equity Call: 8:00 PM
Call Backs (if necessary): Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TWO POINT OH: The play places its’ characters firmly between reality and virtual reality. A love story steeped in the real world suddenly finds devotion straddling a precipice to a cyber one.

* Elliott Leeds (Mid 50’s but boyish looking) – A visionary software mogul – a computer geek who conquered the world.
* Melanie Leeds (Over 30) – Elliott’s beautiful wife. She adores him but would be just as happy without all the fame and fortune.
* Ben Robbins (Mid 50’s) – Reporter – Elliott’s right hand man and former college buddy. They founded the empire together, but deep down they’re as different as night and day.
* Catherine Powell (40’s) – Current CEO of their conglomerate. She is a corporate Amazon with a barbed tongue and sledgehammer style.
* Jerry Gold (late 30’s to early 60’s) – A slick over-confident cable TV news personality.

The audition will consist of reading sides from the script. Also be prepared to tell a joke, if asked. Scripts are available at the Repertory and may be taken from the theatre overnight with a $20.00 refundable deposit. Knowledge of the script is highly recommended.

Detroit Repertory Theatre

The Ferndale Film Festival is announcing their second Micro Mini Challenge

The Ferndale Film Festival is announcing their second Micro Mini Challenge in honor of this year’s Academy Awards ceremonies, with a portion of proceeds to benefit local charities.

Want to stretch your filmmaking boundaries, Ferndale Film Festival is offering you the chance. Break out your video camera, flip phone, web cam, red cam or even your super 8, any means at your disposal to create a 300 second movie. Films must be shot in formats of black and white, and/or silent or created as an homage to an Academy Award winning film. If the film is sufficiently compelling, you could secure your first “Fernie” award

Submissions must be received and registered by no later than 12 Noon EST on March 7, 2010, the day of the Academy Awards. Films must be submitted on non blu ray DVD.

The submission fee of $50 includes two tickets to the exclusive 2010 Academy Awards party on March 7th at Dino’s Lounge. The 2010 Academy Awards Party at Dino’s Lounge will feature an oscar simulcast, screenings of all Micro Mini entries, awards ceremony, strolling dinner and champagne toast. Award winning films will also be screened at the 2010 Ferndale Film Festival.

Find more detail at or contact the Ferndale Film Festival at 248-534-5354.



The time is here! Register today for our winter semester. Classes in Acting, Film, Improv, Writing, Voice Over, Kids classes and much more!! Semester starts the weeks of Jan 18th so don’t get shut out. Performance opportunities too!

See what NBC had to say about Michigan’s premier acting school!! video/21975483/ index.html

For more information and to register today

http://www.michigan actorsstudio. com/

Or 877-636-3320 info@michiganactors

Accent Reduction (Not just for Actors)

Accent Reduction (Not just for Actors)

This course is designed to help both native and non-native speakers of English become more understandable, both onstage and off. Learn to use your speaking voice to its full advantage with both dynamic speaking skills and vocal vitality. Topics include: pronunciation, articulation, pitch, stress and intonation patterns, projection, and breath control. Learn to take care of and improve the actor’s instrument – the voice. The International Phonetic Alphabet will be introduced to learn to correctly place the sounds of American English. Individual recordings will be made and analyzed. Strategies will be taught so that you can start improving from the very first class!
**New Start Date**

Starts: Monday January 25, 2010 7:00pm-9:30pm

Duration: 8 Weeks

Cost: $325.00

INSTRUCTOR: Corinne J. Barringer

Corinne J. Barringer M.A., CCC-SLP

Ms. Barringer is a Speech Language Pathologist certified by The American Speech-Language- Hearing Association (ASHA). She has a background in theatre and performing arts, as well as a degree in anthropology. She has taught at Wayne State University, Lawrence Technological University, Oakland Community College, Cranbrook Educational Community – Kingswood School, and Cranbrook Theatre School, and is frequent guest lecturer at Eastern Michigan University.

She began Barringer Consultants over 13 years ago offering speech, language and voice training to individuals as well as corporations. She is a seminar speaker and published author, and has worked with Chrysler, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Great Lakes International Aviation Conference, `Life after Birth’, a back-to-work training project for single mothers, Giamarco, Mullins & Horton, Kiwanis Club, SemperMedia Group, Labyrinth Consultants and John Deere-Asia.

http://www.michigan actorsstudio. com/accent- reduction- class/

Bridezilla’s Casting Call

Do you or someone you know think you have what it takes to be on America’s top-rated wedding show?

Are you planning a wedding between November 2009 and May 2010?
Are your wedding preparations getting out of control?
Are you struggling with the cooperation of your wedding party, fiancé or in-laws?
Are you doing everything in your power to make sure your wedding day is perfect?
Are you ready to share your story with other women who’ve been or will be in your shoes?

If so, then you are just what we’re looking for!

If your wedding falls within the dates above & you’d like to be considered for an episode, email the below to

Bride’s Full Name:
Bride’s Age:
Contact Phone Number:
Email Address:
Wedding Date:
Wedding Budget:
Groom’s Full Name:
Groom’s Age:

Tell us why you would be a great Bridezilla – give examples.
Who is giving you the most stress and why?
Give us your top three concerns for your wedding.

Please include some photos of you and your fiance.

Thanks! Good luck!

*Brides will be generously compensated.



independent short films


Contact: Connie Mangilin

Curator, Mitten Movie Project

mangilc@yahoo. com



Detroit, MI – The February 2nd Mitten Movie Project pays tribute to the art of making 48-hour shorts. Disturbingly beautiful, “The Message,” shows Detroit in all of its post-apocalyptic glory and is a shining example of what is possible in just 48 short hours. Also screening is the impressive World War II short, “The Commandant,” film festival favorite and Director Robert Joseph Butler’s personal fave, “Solitude,” and the inspiring documentary about Detroit renaissance/ revival, “The Farmer and the Philosopher.” The February Mitten Movie Project takes place on Tuesday, February 2nd at 7:30 p.m. at the Main Art Theatre (118 N. Main Street, Royal Oak 48067). For presale tickets and more information, go to mittenmovieproje ct

For Mike Zawacki, the director of “The Message,” this was his second time crewing on a 48-hour short. (Zawacki crewed on Paradise Valley Media’s “A Little Knowledge” — the short that won the Detroit chapter of the 2009 48 Hour Film Project, and which qualified them for the international shootout.) Regarding the challenges of making a 48-hour short, Zawacki explained, “It’s harder to fine-tune the script, . . . harder to do pre-production, to come up with locations, costumes, set dressings, and props. It’s harder to shoot, and harder to rehearse with your actors.” But as Zawacki further explained, “Where it really bites you is in post-production. Until it’s edited you can’t start composing and/or laying in the music and you can’t start sound designing (which is possibly the most time intensive part of post production!) .”

To overcome those challenges, Zawacki said that “[f]irst and foremost you should try to crew up with quality people whom you’ve worked with before.” Then the next step is to “frontload pre-production and cast a very broad net in terms of actors, locations, props, and so on.” Another important aspect of completing a 48-hour short is “scheduling and having a predetermined work-flow.” A production needs a “clear map of what you’re going to be doing when, from the minute you get your script elements to the minute you hand in your completed film. Not just call sheets and shooting schedules, but deciding how long you’ll have to write, how long you’ll have to edit, at what point does your editor hand over a cut to sound and music, how long to work on sound and music, what is your editor doing while sound and music are finishing their work, and so forth.”

Normally, 48-hour competitions have four requirements that filmmakers must adhere to: a genre, character, prop, and line of dialogue (there is sometimes an additional location requirement) . But the International 48 Hour Film Project Shootout had only two requirements: a theme and city identifier. The theme that 54 teams from around the world wrestled with was END OF THE WORLD – one that was very familiar to Mike Zawacki and most of the crew of “The Message,” as many spent a year and a half making a post-apocalyptic sci-fi series and feature film in Detroit.

In other news, the winner of the January 2010 Mitten Movie Project Audience Choice Award was “Avabot,” the local sci-fi short directed by Jamie Surgener. Second and third place winners were “Death in Charge” and “Retreat,” respectively. “Death in Charge,” the short from California “directrix” Devi Snively, which features Death as a babysitter, and “Retreat,” a short by local director Robert Joseph Butler, will air on the Mitten Movie Show on Comcast 18/Wow 52 from February 3rd to February 28th on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. and Saturdays at midnight in Auburn Hills, Berkley, Clawson, Ferndale, Huntington Woods, Oakland Township, Pleasant Ridge, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, and Troy to reach over 140,000 households.

The Mitten Movie Project would like to thank the 100 moviegoers that braved the cold and post-holiday craziness to come to the January 5th Mitten Movie Project. The MMP would also like to thank M1 Studios in Royal Oak (www.m-1studios. com) for its DVD authoring services, and its newest sponsor, Michigan Movie Magazine, for its monthly online coverage of the Mitten Movie Project (www.michiganmoviema

The Mitten Movie Project is a monthly film festival dedicated to screening independent films the first Tuesday of every month at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak. Presale tickets are available for $8 by e-mailing mangilc@yahoo. com. Tickets at the door are $10 (cash only). A pre-screening reception starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Main Art lobby where moviegoers can mingle with the directors, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts. After the screening, a Q&A session will be conducted with the filmmakers in the theatre. An afterglow party will be held at Mr. B’s (215 S. Main Street — within walking distance of the theatre) to end the night’s activities. To submit a film for consideration in the festival, visit mittenmovieproje ct for guidelines. Submission is free. Screeners may be sent by DVD or online link.

[Program notes on next page]


Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak, MI – 7:30 p.m.

Pre-sale tickets $8 at mittenmovieproje ct, Door $10

The Mitten Movie Project is a monthly film festival dedicated to screening independent films the first Tuesday of every month at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak. Presale tickets are available for $8 by e-mailing mangilc@yahoo. com. Tickets at the door are $10 (cash only). A pre-screening reception starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Main Art lobby where moviegoers can mingle with the directors, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts. After the screening, a Q&A session will be conducted with the filmmakers in the theatre. An afterglow party will be held at Mr. B’s (215 S. Main Street — within walking distance of the theatre) to end the night’s activities. To submit a film for consideration in the festival, visit mittenmovieproje ct for guidelines. Submission is free. Screeners may be sent by DVD or online link.

FINAL LINEUP. Total running time: 1 hour, 48 minutes. In order of screening:

OVERCOME [trailer] – Team 10 Mile / Five Clover Films (00:50) (Michigan) (2009) Directed by Mike Madigan and Chris Lepley. Starring Vincent Rasnick, Dawn Bartley, Chris Lepley and Dave Durham. A story of trust and forgiveness as one couple tries to save their marriage. Completed for Project 21. http://www.fivecloverfilms .com

RUNWAYS & BUNKBEDS [trailer] – AxeFin Productions (03:07) (Michigan) (2010) Written and directed by Axel Harney. International male model, Luke Sebastian (Harney), lives a charmed life. But conflict arises when he thinks he is flying to Italy for Fashion Week. When he ends up with an atypical roommate, Frank (Luke Richmond), and falls for a beautiful model named Molly (Monica Lee Percich), Luke is forced to look within and make decisions that might bring his charmed life to a halt. http://www.axefinproductions. com

FRESH START [documentary] – (06:03) (California) Directed by Brad “8.bliss” Erlandson. A quick and personal look into the life of a paraplegic ex-street musician.

THE RE-DEADENING [narrative] – Bombastic Entertainment (10:00) (Michigan) (2009) Directed by Brian Schoof. When a man finds his brother has returned from the grave to terrorize the living, he soon discovers slaying the undead isn’t as easy as it seems. Starring Marc Pappas, Solid Schoof, and Brian Whisman. http://www.bombasticentert

TRY AGAIN [narrative] – Flim Flam Film (03:03) (Michigan) (2007) Directed by Denver Rochon. A married couple must decide whether or not to salvage their relationship after tragedy strikes their family. Starring Nick Moretti and Michelle Simasko.

DOCTOR REDDY [narrative] – Cheklich Enterprises (10:45) (Michigan) Written and directed by Diane Cheklich. Doctor Reddy is one strange dude. Witness his encounters with freaked out patients, go-go dancers, karaoke bars, and biker gangs. In other words, just another day in the life. http://www.cheklich. com

DANYELLE [narrative] – Five Clover Films (04:47) (Michigan) (2009) Written and directed by Mike Madigan. Starring Dawn Bartley. Danyelle’s thoughts on how to deal with a personal issue in her life evolve over the course of a day of work and personal reflection. Winner of “Best Cinematography” for MicroMinis at the 2009 Ferndale Film Festival. http://www.fivecloverfilms .com

PACKARD EMP [narrative] – Directed by Clark A. Eagling (11:41) (Michigan) A tiny crew of media majors attempt to capture a short film about a boy who doesn’t know what freedom means and the girl that loves him.

SOLITUDE [narrative] – Nu-Wave Films (18:00) (Michigan) (2009) Directed by Robert Joseph Butler. Two abstract dramas intertwined in one short. The first involves a lonely woman, Marcia (Aphrodite Nikolovski), who is searching for a connection. Her isolation is elevated when she meets an offbeat slacker, Barry (Jacob Hodson). The second story explores the relationship between a beautiful woman, Andie (Sarah Benedict), and Barry. Both stories present a unique look at stardom, cinema, romance, broken dreams, and the film industry. http://www.nuwavefilms. com

THE GUEST ROOM [narrative] – Wolverine Films (10:05) (Michigan) (2009) Directed by Louis Kerman. May sees a mysterious little girl in the guest room of her home. Her husband, Dan, wants to move forward in their marriage. But ghosts from their past refuse to let them go — until they’re both forced to confront their feelings over what happened.

THE FARMER AND THE PHILOSPHER [documentary] – DETROIT LIVES! (07:40) (Michigan) (2009) Presented by DETROIT LIVES!, this documentary takes a positive look at Detroit’s forward progress told through the prism of two different figures (Toby Barlow and Mark Covington) that are changing the city for the better. Shot, edited and animated by Andrea Adelman. Produced by Philip Lauri. http://www.detroitlives. org

THE COMMANDANT [narrative] – Directed by Stephen Pell (12:38) (Michigan) (2009) Two Russian soldiers are trapped in Nazi occupied Poland with their wounded commanding officer during World War II.

THE MESSAGE [narrative] – Paradise Valley Media (09:40) (Michigan) (2009) A voice from the past unites a fragile trio of survivors coping with life after a catastrophic epidemic. Directed by Mike Zawacki. Written by Nancy Nall Derringer and Ron French. Starring Alora Catherine Smith, Rick Bobier, and Holly Smokovitz. http://www.paradisevalleym

Improvisors Needed for TV PILOT

The Creators by Nickola Shreli wga east
The Creators Pilot Bruder Releasing/Nick- Name Projects
Executive Producers: Nickola Shreli, David London
Producers: Rich Goteri
Casting Director: Russell Boast Shoots: Detroit /Sunday Feb 21, 2010

SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY to nicknameprojects@

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS ONLY Nicknameprojects@ Send us 2-3 minutes of your troupes best work!

PLEASE INCLUDE ANY additional video/youtube or links to the NOTES!!- we will view them!

The Creators is a completely improvised half hour comedy TV show
featuring competing improve troupes from around the US in a weekly
tournament style format. The respective comedian’s and actors on each
team must solely rely on their abilities and talents along with suggestions
from the engaged theatre lounge audience to create scenes. Both teams
performances are facilitated by a host. At the end of the show the viewing
audience at home gets to votes via text/twitter voting to determine what
improv teams performance was best out of the two for that week. The
winning team ultimately moves on to the next episode for a chance to be
crowned the most talented improve performers in America and 50,000.00
at the end of the season.

For more project info ie format, style, etc. – see production notes attachment:

Notes attachment

Host- Male or Female 25-40 all ethnicities……Should be out of the box, very hip, energetic and enthusiastic NOT in a cheesy way. Hi Level Stand up comedy / improv experience and background req’d. The face and driving creative force of the project. (A young Jay Leno, a Jim Belushi-esque personality or a Sarah Silverman type is what we have narrowed down the initial prototype as)

[Improv Teams-] – Competing improv troupes. Must be the best of the best. Extremely edgy and dramatic. There comedy must be contemporary and funny not cheesy. No less then 3 no more then 5 members on