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The Ferndale Film Festival is announcing their second Micro Mini Challenge

The Ferndale Film Festival is announcing their second Micro Mini Challenge in honor of this year’s Academy Awards ceremonies, with a portion of proceeds to benefit local charities.

Want to stretch your filmmaking boundaries, Ferndale Film Festival is offering you the chance. Break out your video camera, flip phone, web cam, red cam or even your super 8, any means at your disposal to create a 300 second movie. Films must be shot in formats of black and white, and/or silent or created as an homage to an Academy Award winning film. If the film is sufficiently compelling, you could secure your first “Fernie” award

Submissions must be received and registered by no later than 12 Noon EST on March 7, 2010, the day of the Academy Awards. Films must be submitted on non blu ray DVD.

The submission fee of $50 includes two tickets to the exclusive 2010 Academy Awards party on March 7th at Dino’s Lounge. The 2010 Academy Awards Party at Dino’s Lounge will feature an oscar simulcast, screenings of all Micro Mini entries, awards ceremony, strolling dinner and champagne toast. Award winning films will also be screened at the 2010 Ferndale Film Festival.

Find more detail at or contact the Ferndale Film Festival at 248-534-5354.


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