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Improvisors Needed for TV PILOT

The Creators by Nickola Shreli wga east
The Creators Pilot Bruder Releasing/Nick- Name Projects
Executive Producers: Nickola Shreli, David London
Producers: Rich Goteri
Casting Director: Russell Boast Shoots: Detroit /Sunday Feb 21, 2010

SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY to nicknameprojects@

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS ONLY Nicknameprojects@ Send us 2-3 minutes of your troupes best work!

PLEASE INCLUDE ANY additional video/youtube or links to the NOTES!!- we will view them!

The Creators is a completely improvised half hour comedy TV show
featuring competing improve troupes from around the US in a weekly
tournament style format. The respective comedian’s and actors on each
team must solely rely on their abilities and talents along with suggestions
from the engaged theatre lounge audience to create scenes. Both teams
performances are facilitated by a host. At the end of the show the viewing
audience at home gets to votes via text/twitter voting to determine what
improv teams performance was best out of the two for that week. The
winning team ultimately moves on to the next episode for a chance to be
crowned the most talented improve performers in America and 50,000.00
at the end of the season.

For more project info ie format, style, etc. – see production notes attachment:

Notes attachment

Host- Male or Female 25-40 all ethnicities……Should be out of the box, very hip, energetic and enthusiastic NOT in a cheesy way. Hi Level Stand up comedy / improv experience and background req’d. The face and driving creative force of the project. (A young Jay Leno, a Jim Belushi-esque personality or a Sarah Silverman type is what we have narrowed down the initial prototype as)

[Improv Teams-] – Competing improv troupes. Must be the best of the best. Extremely edgy and dramatic. There comedy must be contemporary and funny not cheesy. No less then 3 no more then 5 members on


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