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This is for a short Thriller called “Michael” needs Extras

This is for a short Thriller called “Michael”

Synopsis: Set in modern time, this psychological thriller tells the story of our heroin Vickie, who is a young woman that is being relentlessly stalked and harassed by her ex-boyfriend Michael, it gets to a point she must get the courage to confront him but when she does she is in for the shock of her life.

Extras Needed :

Saturday Jan. 16, 8am – 6pm – Interior Night Club Scene (Warren) – Lead Females are there to party, stalker Ex-boyfriend arrives. Very High energy scene!
Preferred ages – 21-30, All ages 18+ will be accepted. Selections of Wardrobe – Dress to impress, suits, skirts, club wear, jeans and a tee-shirt, etc.
**There is an exterior of this scene also of people lined up to get into the bar. If you would like to stay after and be in this scene as well, please state that in your email AND bring a jacket

Please email –


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