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Classes at the Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company

Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company of Detroit presents a series of classes designed specifically for the needs of Detroit’s professional theater artists. Classes run March 1-April 15 at the Gryphon Theatre above the Park Bar in downtown Detroit. All sessions are pay-what-you- can and available on a drop-in basis.

We asked local theater professionals what they wanted as far as continuing education, and this first set of workshops is the first phase of the result! From buffing up an audition piece to figuring out how to stop losing one’s voice in the midst of a run, to learning more about the ins and outs of the business of acting, each three hour session will be a mini-workshop designed for the theater professional who never knows when they might have rehearsal… or a callback…or a paying job!

No reservations are needed, and all classes are pay-what-you- can.

Class Schedule:

* Monday, March 1: Audition Technique

* Thursday, March 4: Voice and Diction

* Monday, March 8: Monologue Coaching

* Thursday, March 11: Business of Acting

* Monday, March 15: Audition Technique

* Thursday, March 18: Voice and Diction

* Monday, April 5: Monologue Coaching

* Monday, April 12: Audition Technique

* Thursday, April 15: Audition Technique

Description of Classes:

* Audition Technique: Learn and practice the technique and etiquette of auditioning. Emphasis will be places on cold-readings, differences between theater auditions and film auditions, and how to exceed industry expectations in a highly competitive environment.

* Voice and Diction: With physical exercises based in Kristin Linklater vocal technique, you will learn proper breathing, placement, articulation and resonation. Focus will be placed on the voice/breath connection, as well as how our voice is tied into our emotional life as an actor.

* Monologue Coaching: Spend a few hours preparing for that next audition! Bring a monologue you’re interested in developing, or consult sample monologues collected by the facilitator. This is the ideal place to “road test” that new piece you’re dying to try out, to receive criticism on how to go further into your character, and how to choose and present a monologue that will book you jobs!

* Business of Acting: “How do I get an agent?” “What is a demo reel, and do I need one?” “Do I put extra work on my resume?” “How do I get started doing voice-over work?” I hear talented, hardworking actors ask these questions constantly. Let us give you the right answers.

For additional information, contact Lisa Melinn, educational director, at 313-268-5074 or lisa@magentagiraffe .org.

About Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company:
Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company is a nonprofit organization that acts to eliminate apathy, violence, prejudice and barriers to education through theater productions, projects and programs; and further acts to reestablish and expand Detroit’s theater district.


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