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Improv Intensive with Jaime Moyer

Hey, Improvisers!

Please consider taking advantage of this offer AND pass it along to
your troupe members as soon as you can! This is a one-time only

Improv Intensive
with Jaime Moyer
WHEN: Sunday, January 17, 4PM – 7PM
WHERE: Planet Ant Theatre (
ONLY $20!


(This is not an ‘introduction to improv’ workshop. Participants should
have basic improv knowledge and experience)

This intense and exhilarating workshop will tackle such topics as:

* Finding the “game of the scene”
* The yes/and rule
* The importance of object work
* Scene editing skills

Participants will improvise in a group setting and receive detailed
feedback to improve timing, confidence, and skill.

If you’re signed up for Planet Ant Winter Colony Fest, this crash
course should be an invaluable asset to you and your troupe members.
What a great way to prepare for the festival! Even if you are not
participating, this workshop will still expose you to many beneficial
skills of the acting community.

To sign up, please send an email to with your name
and phone number. You will receive a response once it is received.


Jaime Moyer is an alumni of The Second City Detroit Mainstage, as well
as a performer with credits from many local theaters including Go
Comedy, The Ringwald, Planet Ant Theater, The Zeitgeist, Century
Theater, JET, Performance Network, The Abreact, Theater Company, and
The Attic Theatre. She received her degree in Theater from University
of Detroit Mercy, and is a proud member of AEA and SAG. Jaime has
been teaching improv since 2002. She has also facilitated numerous
workshops, with clients ranging from The United States Army to
Reuters. Jaime is a member of several improv troupes locally including
Planet Ant Home Team, Go Comedy All-Stars, and Rock-O-Matic: The
improvised Rock Opera. On the West Coast she is a member of Smoke
House, Warzecha Tonight, and Edmund (The Second City Alumni Jam).
Jaime now resides in Los Angeles, but her heart remains in her beloved


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