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In The Blood Tickets

Get your tickets today! Friday’s show is filling up…we’re pleased to add a live art show by Christopher Batten on Friday, and a live steel drum jazz session Saturday.

If you need discounted/free tickets, please inbox me today (we have a special program going with the Saturday Matinee)

12.29.2009 – Written like final round slam poetry, In the Blood keeps it real in the “here and now.” Hester, a mother devoted to her 5 children struggles to find ways to feed them. Five actors play her 5 young children or treasures. The same actors also play the adults who only help her for a fee. Lovingly comical moments are juxtaposed by the harsh world of poverty in this modern masterpiece (an urban riff on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s SCARLET LETTER).

This urban theater project is a collaboration between 4TheatrSake, the 1440 collective, the Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center, the Cedi Collection, Detroit film-maker Ryan Myers and Plowshares Theater Company. The idea was to provide an all-inclusive social theater experience where people would witness compelling performances by 4Theatrsake’s actors illustrating the true identity, and experiences of 11 Detroit people. Through our joint efforts we seek to empower other artists and residents of Detroit to look closely at what we can do on a micro-level to make a difference in our immediate reality. Art and “Detroit er from Detroit” T-shirts will also be on sale with some proceeds benefiting the Plowshares Theater Company.

What makes this a social justice play? Following the performance, the actors will remain on-stage (in character) to allow the audience a chance to react to what they’ve just witnessed. Moderated by Oneita Jackson of the Detroit Free Press(, this after-drama forum will focus on poverty, disease, human trafficking, race in a post-racial society, and what we can do to bring change. There are intervals at which the moderator will ask the audience for an opinion or challenge them on tough issues. This way of ending the performance makes full use of the controversial characters of Suzan Lori-Park’s IN THE BLOOD.

Named one of TIME magazine’s “100 Innovators for the Next New Wave,” Suzan-Lori Parks is one of the most exciting and acclaimed playwrights in American drama today. She is the first African American woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize in Drama for the Broadway hit Topdog/Underdog and is a MacArthur “Genius” Award recipient, among her many other honors.

Who are we? The cast and crew of IN THE BLOOD represent Detroit artists from diverse backgrounds. Geared toward Michigan talent retention, these artists have come together to create new possibilities for themselves and future artists.

Church-trained, Southern-bred reborn urban dread NADIR (meaning “rare” and “unique”) is a clear and resonant voice of cultural change. Singer/songwriter, producer, writer and activist Jonah Nadir Omowale brings us an undeniable musical message, steeped in both tradition and innovation. His music, called Distorted Soul, is a revolutionary soul music hybrid that incorporates elements of funk, soul, rock, jazz, folk and hip hop “in such a delectable manner that his musical renditions are sure to please any musical palate.”

Fashion designer, trendsetter, writer, entrepreneur, and native Detroiter, Cedi Johnson is the symbol of Metro Detroit style and sophistication. He keeps a busy schedule traveling to New York and Paris looking for the finest textiles, accessories and inspiration. The House of Cedi has dressed and styled local and international celebrities such as Anita Baker, Dwele and Vivica A. Fox.

Actor, Director, Writer Wyldchild L. Chemist was recently invited to join Plowshares Theatre Company’s new ensemble as an artistic associate. He will be participating in The Kennedy Center’s fellowship program for Theater Capacity Building in Culturally-Specific Organizations.

Playwright: Suzan Lori Parks
Director: Wyldchild L. Chemist
Original Music by: Nadir Omowale of Distorted Soul
Original Costumes by: Cedi Johnson
Photography by: Ryan Myers
Moderator/Facilitator: Oneita Jackson

Hester La Negrita: Kennikki Jones
Reverand D/ Baby: Edward Donaldson
Amiga Gringa/ Beauty: Alanna Gentry / Amy Gutz
Doctor/ Trouble: Doice John
Welfare Lady/ Bully: Carmen Adolphus
Chilli/ Jabber: Nathan “NateStringz” Brown

About 4Theatrsake

The 4TheatrSake collective acts as a progressive tool for entertaining social change.

The underground collective is comprised of more than 50 performing, visual, and musical artists in Detroit, MI, New York City, NY, Montreal, QC, Cincinatti, OH, Minneapolis, MN, Dallas, TX, and Los Angeles, CA.

4Theatrsake was founded on the following principles: 1) Dramatic experimentation; 2) Urban networking; 3) Social justice; 4) Eco-Awareness.


We use drama as a social tool to raise awareness, enhance leadership development, to entertain, and to explore the human condition in areas undergoing revitalization. We facilitate the dialog that inspires change.


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