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Send a copy of Headshot and Resume to

Send a copy of Headshot and Resume to

PDF Format preferred.

In the Subject line put the Character name you are interested in and your name

Take care,


Hello everyone,
I need actors for a short script that I am shooting for my storyboarding class at Macomb Community College.

Although the movie itself doesn’t have to be done by the end of class, footage would be awesome and I do plan on having it finished by the end of December.

I need actors who can film on November 29 and December 6 and do some pickup shots during that week.

I know this is short notice. You will be fed and able to get a demo reel. I need the following characters filled:

1) 22-25 year old man: Adam, the older brother of a Polish Freedom Fighter. Ability for accents is cool but not necessary.

2) 18-21-year old man: Janek, the Polish Freedom Fighter. Again, ability to do accents is cool, but not necessary.

3) 60-70 year old man: To play Janek at an older age. This is an emotional role, so any acting experience is awesome.

4) 60-70-year old man: to play Fritz Wagner, a German soldier, at an older age. Not many lines, but huge emotion.

5) 30-40-year old woman: to play the mother of Janek and Adam. No lines. But willing to have squib on to get shot.

6) 12-15 year old boy: No lines. Willing to have squib on to get shot.

7) 30-40 year old woman: to play the daughter of Adam.
Anyone interested can contact me via Facebook. Time is of the essence in this, and I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

We will be shooting November 29, December 6 and pickup shots in between.

We will be using locations in Waterford and Eastpointe.

Gabrielle Gamache-Nettle


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