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“A Silent Pain” (working title) Auditions

“A Silent Pain” (working title) Character Profiles

Auditions will be held on December 18-19th at
Charlie’s Talent Agency in Ferndale.
Please stay tuned for times and appointment times.
Please start passing the word around. I hope to see many of you there. More character descriptions to follow this week. If you do fit any of the roles below please forward your resume and
headshot to

BELL, 30 (played by Sarah Benedict)
Bell is the protagonist of the story, which takes her from her early 20’s to age 30. She
struggles to live a healthy, productive life while haunted by the long-suppressed
memories of being violently raped at the age of seventeen. Her goal is to put the rape
behind her and live a picture-perfect life. Her initial method of achieving that is by
keeping any recollection of the event inside her, not telling anyone about it, and
overruling her dark thoughts with her own strong personality.
She marches through life as if she were going through basic training, keeping her mind
on what she wants, and pushing back the pain…even if she knows she’ll be feeling it
later. She eventually begins to open up to people (her husband, her friend, her mom)
but she cannot escape the nagging need to confront her past head on and erase it—to
slay her demon. She is a loving mother and a great friend.
Character Traits: Extroverted, Hides Feelings, Beautiful/Feminine, Dominating/ Assertive, Very spiritual, Enjoys rough sex, Talks about anything, Strong, Tortured

ROBERT “Bobby”, 9 (played by Ian Bryant)
Bell’s son with Patrick. He is Bell’s shining light. The embodiment of hope. A good
hearted kid, he is well-behaved and a joyous presence. He is smart but gets bad grades
in the film due to his preoccupation with his parents’ divorce. He is very gentle, like his
dad, but has a bit of his mom’s inner lion, which comes out one day when he physically
confronts his bully.
Character Traits: Small build, Smart, Mature for his age, Pacific, Contemplative

(blonde / brown hair, bluish, hazel eyes)
Just as extroverted as thirty-year-old Bell, but way less assertive or aggressive. She is as gentle and loving as they come, which makes her all the more confused that her mother keeps her at an emotional distance. Her closest relative is her cousin Danielle, two years younger than her, whom she is very protective of.
She has her eyes set on college but doesn’t know what she wants to do for a career.
But when she is raped, her life changes dramatically. She experiences pain and confusion like never before. She doesn’t know how to handle the pain, and unable to tell anyone about it, her thoughts twist through her mind until she has to run away or go crazy. She runs away by joining the Army, where her mental, emotional, and physical strength are all pushed to the limits by basic training and an aborted pregnancy. She spends her 18th birthday in Somalia and yearns for home.
Character Traits: Extroverted, Carefree, Pretty, Tom boy, Sweet

(must have deep dark brown eyes) (son has deep dark brown eyes and auburn hair) (must look as if you can be the boys father-hair color is not an issue)
Bell’s husband. A good man. He is a good listener and a romantic husband. He works
as a construction contractor and is handy around the house. He loves his wife and son
deeply and has every intention of taking care of them. When he learns that his wife was
raped when she was seventeen and still suffers from the psychological scars, he feels
unsure of how to help her, so he tells her to sign her up for counseling. When this
doesn’t work, he tries to help her himself by talking to her about her feelings more. But
he cannot truly understand her feelings and usually ends up saying the wrong thing. He
also does not seem to notice his own emotional distance, and his lack of concern about
his own feelings. He keeps them under wrap by focusing on his wife’s problems.
Eventually the emotional gap between he and Bell is too much for him, and he opts for
Character Traits: Masculine, Gentle in bed, Goofy/light-hearted, Romantic

Any ethnicity
A single mother who was also the victim of a rape. She is a ‘wise beyond her years’ sweetheart who has let herself lose most of her self esteem and become aimless. Though she works hard to support her child and has a positive, humorous disposition, she feels unable to increase her lot in life. The only thing she puts much effort into is her psychological recovery after her rape. Through her friendship with Bell she develops her
self esteem and confidence, culminating in her being able to deliver public speeches to dozens of victims at a time.
Character Traits: Naturally wise, Not book smart, Brave, Shy, Nice, sweet, Listens to rock, Dresses in black

Danielle’s cousin is Bell so Danielle must be full Caucasian or mixed with it, Italian- American, Latin-American, Black-American, etc
Bell’s cousin and closest confidant. She is always there for Bell, ready to reassure her
or tell her when she might be making a mistake. She is a good person, but has made
some bad choices in her life that she has learned from. Yet they are mistakes that she
hasn’t been able to get out of, so she lives vicariously through her older cousin Bell’s life. She is someone that is a good listener and can keep secrets. She loves talking to Bell because she feels like she can speak freer and joke around more than she can with her husband.
Character Traits: Compassionate, Blunt, Down to earth, Extremely well-groomed/dressed

MOM, 50-60
Her daughter is Bell she is Caucasian so the mother must be full Caucasian or mixed with it, Italian- American, Latin-American, more likely the same hair color would be ideal as Bell to pull the mother off.
Bells mother is very loving but grew up in extreme poverty in charge of many siblings, so she conditioned herself long ago to avoid showing emotions. She takes it for granted that she will lose loved ones, so she is afraid to get too close to them. A motivational figure in Bell’s life, her disconnect from Bell makes Bell want to make her proud, or at least establish some sort of mother-daughter line of communication with her. Her positive and negative traits both lead to Bell keeping the rape a secret (her positive traits make Bell love her and therefore yield to her boyfriend’s threats to kill her mom and sister if Bell tells anyone about the rape, and her negative traits make Bell feel like she can’t profess such a personal secret to her until close to the end of the film. Eventually Bell tells her mom about her rape that occurred thirteen years earlier. To Bell’s surprise, her mom reacts in an extremely comforting way.
Character Traits: Cold/Distant, Strong/Respectable, Humble

RAUL, 22
(Looks Latin/Hispanic)
Young Bell’s boyfriend. He is an amateur boxer and also likes to use his hands to give
Bell massages. He’s the type of guy that sits quietly as the rest of the group talks. He is quiet but polite, and he has a big, warm smile. His personality reverses in a hurry when he rapes Bell. He goes from quiet to beastly in three seconds flat. Clearly a troubled young man, he threatens to kill Bell’s family if she tells anyone about the rape–and yet he continues to speak of love to her.

ACME Casting Open Call

Attend our OPEN CALL!

Michigan’s newest casting company. Direct from Hollywood

“We are seeking Diverse and Aspiring Talent for paid background performer and speaking roles, photo doubles and stand-in position work for upcoming feature film projects! “

Saturday December 5th
@ 10:15 am

Studio 628
628 E. Parent Street
Royal Oak, MI, 48067

FREE REGISTRATION for our Michigan Open Call!

Little people, mobsters, character faces, bikers AND looking for ethnic wardrobe

i.e East Indian sari’s, Ethiopian robes, Traditional Asian kimono’s, Mid eastern wardrobes/looks upscale tux n gowns

* 8:00 am to 9:00 am: Ages 6-17 only.
Parents, we will hand you guidelines on what is required to get your kids in the movies.

* 9:00 am to 10:00 am: SAG Members

* 10:15 am: For everyone else

For questions contact:

Visit Acme Casting Company Michigan at

Please eMail a PDF of your Headshot & Resume to

In the SUBJECT LINE put your full name.

In the eMail message put your full name, your eMail address and your cell phone number.


Please bring a hard copy of your Headshot & Resume to the Casting Call on December 5th.

Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009
Time: 10:15am – 1:00pm
Location: Studio 628
Street: 628 E. Parent Avenue
City/Town: Royal Oak, MI

Need A Monologue ?

Monologues are important in keeping our skills sharp when it comes to the auditioning process. Here are just a couple of links to websites where you can find monologues to showcase your talents, that have been very helpful to me.


Actor’s Point

Stage Agent

Ross Report – Considering Acting? Get Your Ross Reports Today

Ross Report – Considering Acting? Get Your Ross Reports Today.

TVI Actor’s Studio

TVI 5-Day Intensives in NY & LA

Experience a jam-packed week in the life of a working actor. This five day Industry Boot Camp offers approximately 40 hours of training, and is designed to help actors “hit the ground running” upon arrival in Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York. This Boot Camp benefits actors who are ready to jump-start and launch a successful career. Actors perform for and are critiqued by prominent talent agents, Film, TV and Theatre casting directors and industry professionals using monologues as well as scripts from current feature films, sitcoms, one-hour dramas, commercials, and soap operas. Musical theater selections are also an option (New York only). In addition, students create strategies for their personal plan of attack and receive practical information vital for actors to survive in such competitive markets.

I attended the 5 day intensive the workshop,this intensive was very helpful to me because it exposed me to industry in the Los Angeles Market. I recieved valuable information on cold reading, headshots and made some great contacts.

Visit the website to see all that they have to offer ~

Auditions for Passing


Producer/Writer: Dara Frazier
Director: Cedric Hill
Casting Director: David Allen Harper
Interview: Dec 1
Rehearsals begin: in Dec
Location: Detroit, Michigan

P.O. BOX 38235

Off-Broadway theater company casting in Detroit for a local actress with a strong theater background. ‘Passing’ debuted Off-Broadway in NYC and was recently nominated for an AUDELCO Award (a New York organization that recognizes excellence in theater.)

‘Passing’ is a one-woman play inspired by the true story of Minerva Roulhac (she looked Caucasian but her true ethnicity was unknown) who was adopted by a former slave and raised as black. Her brother, Jordon ran away and decided to pass for white. Minerva raised eight children (all college-educated) and lived to be nearly 100 ears old. ‘Passing’ confronts issues of race identity, ethnicity, class, complexion and interracial relationships. It teaches us to look beyond color and understand the human connection we all share.


Female, 40s, Caucasian or fair-skinned African-American.

aRelc Films Group 22 Wrapped

Last weekend aRelc Films wrapped on the independent film ” Group 22″ written and directed by Diane Copeland


Important information for past DAS students.

Hello All! Things are very busy here and I have many past and present students who are “booking” like crazy! For those of you whom have taken some courses at the DAS and are interested in joining us again, here is some important information you should know.

All three levels of Film acting are beginning the First Week of December with Level one on Tuesday Nights (Starting Dec. 1st.), Level two on Thursday nights (Starting Dec 3rd.) and Level Three on either Wednesday Nights (Starting Dec. 2nd.) Or Saturday Afternoons 2.00pm to 5.00pm (Starting Dec. 5th.).

As of Dec. 1st our new location is 429 Livernois Ave. That is approximately one long block west of the current studio and about seven blocks south toward 8mile. (NOTE: If you cross eight mile you have gone too far). 429 is a fair sized green tiled building on the west side of Livernois (across from a liquor store). There is ample free parking in the rear and we will be using that back entrance as well. For security reasons the entrance will be opened 15 minutes before class and that door will be checked every 15 minutes for the first forty five minutes only. If you are going to be later than that, please contact your teacher prior to class so that proper arrangements can be made to ensure you get in the building. This system is only temporary until I can develop something more effective and simpler.

Voice- Over Course. Level One and Two.
Improv (Performance Style, Accelerated!) Levels One to Four.

Private coaching with Christopher Bondy.
We will produce and help Network for you the best Actors Reel in the state.
We will be producing super high quality Voice-Over Demo Reels

Acting for the young teen.
New Media Production (Own and Operate Your Own micro Production Company)
The Pitch Package Workshop. (Got a script idea, but don’t know how to put it together?)
The Film Makers Series. Do you want to learn the basics so that you can crew?
Seminars and Workshops etc!

For More Information go to….
Or Contact me at

Christopher Bondy.

Film and Television Actors Workshop with Gordon Michaels


Film and Television
Actors Workshop

Audition Technique for Beginners
And Professionals of all Ages

December 12, & 13.

Cold Reading Technique
Monologue Coaching
The Business of
Show Business
NY vs. LA Markets
Scene Study
Preparing for the Michigan
Film Market
On­Camera Technique
Headshot Consultation
The Actors Resume
How to get an Agent
Creating a Reel
Career Consultation

GORDON MICHAELS is a graduate of the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School
of the Theatre in New York City
where he studied under acting legend Sandford Meisner. He spent a number of
years under the tutelage of Uta Hagen
and Herbert Bergoff at the renowned HB studio in New York City . Gordon Michaels
has performed on Broadway, in films
and on television. He is Co-founder of the motion picture company LG
Entertainment Group and founder of Brandon
Street Entertainment, a film, television, and music company. In addition to
writing and starring in the film Unbeatable Harold, he has also been seen in
TNT’s Gifted Hands with Cuba Gooding Jr, and in the upcoming
feature film Betty Ann Waters with Hilary Swank. Some of his other film credits
include; The Cooler, Joe Dirt, Air Force One,
Seduced by a Thief, and Leaving Las Vegas . He is also recognized for his work on
ABC’s award-winning legal drama “The Practice.”
As a result of the new Michigan tax incentive for filmmaking Gordon is
developing and producing a number of film and television projects
to be shot entirely in Michigan .

Dylan McDermott
Dark Blue,The Practice, Big
Shots, Steel Magnolias.

“Gordon has an amazing
ability to help you find the
truth in a character. His
encouragement and trust
are first class. A true gift.”

Katie Chonacas
Bad Lieutenant, A Perfect
Getaway, Streets Of Blood,
CSI, The Code, Cold Case

“Gordon will give you
knowledge and guidance.
He gives you positive

Snoop Dogg
Training Day, Starsky & Hutch,
Soul Plane.

“Gordon has helped me
stay at a competitive level
in the acting game.”

Odette Yustman
Rogue’s Gallery,The Unborn,
Cloverfield, Life On Mars,

“Gordon’s expertise in the
industry has been in­
valuable to me.”

Saturday Dec 12. (11am – 4pm) Sunday Dec 13. (12 – 5pm)

Fee: $100.00 Limited Enrollment

To pay by credit card:
Special arrangements may be made to pay by cash or money order on December 12th.

For further information: 248.262.6805 or

This highly respected workshop will give you the confidence you need to achieve
your best performance.

Training that gets You the Job!